Goodbyes are never easy, mostly because they’re rarely expected.  The reality of it is though, the more expected they are the easier they often are to deal with.  When you anticipate the goodbye, you know its coming, you prepare for it, and you accept it much more quickly.

Why can’t all goodbyes be this way?  Why is it that the person that is going to say goodbye often hides it?  Why is it that the person being left behind often denies that the goodbye is coming?

They’re all valid questions, but realistically they are variables that we can’t really control.  It might be hidden unintentionally, it might be denied because something good happens that reassures you everything will be alright.  No matter what the circumstance all we can do is hope to anticipate it.

I just wanted a goodbye that was real.

A moment in time where I could really feel.

More than just an empty heart.

A sign that my world would be torn apart.

A goodbye shouldn’t just be a feeling of emptiness.

That feeling always follows with the loneliness.

A moment of realization is what is needed.

Where what everyone else sees is finally heeded.

The end that’s found because of an obvious fault.

That finality you discover can be the only result.

A culmination of a definite downhill slide.

A halting stop at the end of a long ride.

A real goodbye would provide real closure.

A word, moment or action that made you sure.