When you experience a major loss in your life, the whole world around you just seems to stand still.  All you see is the memories you’ve made, the moments you can’t forget.  You’re haunted by the ghosts of your past until you learn to accept it and move on.

In this little town I’m surrounded by ghosts.

Everywhere I turn, under all these lamp posts.

Haunted by memories at every stop.

Hundreds of opportunities for these tears to drop.

People pass by and I don’t even notice.

I’m too busy caught up in memories of us.

Memories that possess me both day and night.

Millions of little things that I thought were just right.

It’s like I’m a ghost here in this little town.

These reminders of you surround me and bring me down.

This place just holds you over my head.

Thousands of reasons why here I can no longer tread.

I wish I could just board it all up and forget.

But this ghost town holds me, it’s where we met.