As difficult as dealing with a loss is, at some point in time we can reach the point where we’re ready to move forward.  The point where we’re just sick of crying about it, or where we just realize we’ve cried enough over it.

Personally, I’ve felt like I’ve reached that point a few times over the years.  Unfortunately, I’ve fallen backwards into grief after “reaching” that point.  It’s never going to be a surefire system though, there will always be hiccups and bumps in the road, pain just isn’t easy to deal with, and it’s certainly not easy to move past it.

All we really can do is try to have hope in a better tomorrow.  If we can do that, then at least there is hope that we won’t give up and we will move on.

I think now I’ve shed too many tears.

Must be time to move past these fears.

Can’t be stuck as a lonely soul forever.

That would just be a negative endeavour.

Maybe I’ll find hope around the bend.

One bad ending just can’t be the end.

There must be more left to life.

Some happiness, some love, maybe even a wife.

Shouldn’t set my hopes too high yet.

Still a lot of bull shit left to forget.

I won’t hold out on hope now though.

A lot of my life is still left to go.

Years left to hope and love and laugh.

I’ll look back one day and this will be a gaff.