No matter how much you want to, it’s not easy to move on from loss.  Sometimes you even think you have gotten through the grief and then it hits you like a freight train one day while you’re driving to work.

Although you may never admit it, you’ve probably had one of those days, everything is going well around you, then suddenly you feel alone and sad.  Those days have led me to both bad decisions and bad hang overs, but they’re a part of dealing with the grief.

I try to have hope in a better tomorrow.

But moving on progresses quite slow.

It requires more than my stated nudge.

When I’ll be ready, I can’t really judge.

The loss of a loved one, not easy to deal with.

Getting past the grief is just a well told myth.

It never really hides safely away.

So I carry it with me every day.

Maybe I should wear it proudly on my sleeve.

Let the whole world know that I grieve.

It wouldn’t help if everyone knew.

They’d just avoid me or pity me for being blue.

I’ll continue to hope for a better tomorrow.

Maybe hope is the rain that will make that grow.