Friday morning I sat awaiting the start of a presale for an upcoming concert. This was a unique situation for me because this was actually the third time I had been ready to purchase tickets to an Eric Church concert, and is now he third time I have had tickets, but I have yet to see him in concert.

That’s a terribly long story, I may tell another time, but let’s just say since Eric Church is my favourite artist I had been extremely nervous about getting seats again.

My nerves are shot, my body weak.

If this doesn’t happen I’m going to freak.

It’s like I need this through and through. 

Without it, I don’t know what I’ll do.

My mind is possessed with this single thought.

To get this one thing is all I’ve sought.

I burn inside, with this wanting fire.

A simple thing that’s my only desire.

I anticipate this moment with shaking hands.

This thing the only place where my mind spans.

A want, a desire, its possession  of my soul.

Waiting for a moment to make me feel whole.

The anticipation I have for this one moment.

A place in time for which I’m hell bent.