After waiting for things to change for so long, you just get to the point where you realize you have to change it yourself.  You have to stop waiting, you have to get out there and make what you want to happen, happen.

I have spent a lot of time not taking action and wishing I did.  By sitting back who knows what has passed me by in life, but in order to change that I have to start taking action when there’s action to be taken.  Instead, I just grow restless from waiting, until the point where I take action comes.

I can’t calm down, I can’t sit still.

This lack of activity has been making me ill.

I need to move, I need to break free.

There’s this strange desire to go on a spree.

I won’t be tied down or go with the flow.

A minute more of this and I might blow.

I have to get out, I have new things to try.

A day in the world, where I’m a little more spry.

I’m done holding back, I’m done being bored.

It’s about time I cut that limiting chord.

I’m on my way up, I’m well on my way.

It’s time to raise the bar on another new day.

A restless feeling, from a life that’s a bore.

A restless feeling, I’ll have no more.