After a long time being angry over a loss in life, it always feels good to get yourself adjusted back to the right path.  After all those bitter days and angry moments the feeling of knowing you’ve fixed something is tremendously encouraging.

For many this just happens, seemingly out of nowhere, in a single moment where one thing in your life feels better.  It honestly doesn’t even matter what that moment is.  It could be anything from a life changing trip, to enjoying an amazing meal that you hadn’t really enjoyed in years.  Whatever it is, it changes everything going forward.

I’m moving down the right road now.

On it I will stay, that I vow.

Getting on with life is the right direction.

Now I’ve finally made that correction.

Veer away from thinking of the bad.

Think now of what is yet to be had.

A whole new world to be experienced.

All new ways for life to be advanced.

I’m done straying off through the night.

On this route now, just feels right.

Toward a better end I now venture.

Although this may just be the beginning of adventure.

I’ve found a road away from my bitter wrath.

If joy keeps coming, I know I’m on the right path.