Recovering from heartbreak you always feel alone.  Alone to figure out how to get away from where you are, alone to learn how to let go of the past.

Feeling like this keeps us in a bubble of pain. Instead of using all the sources that are available to us, others that have dealt with pain in the past, we often struggle alone, just making it more difficult for ourselves.

The good that comes from this though, is that we eventually figure it out and move on, and that feeling is liberating.

For so long I’ve been out here on my own.

All this time that I’ve spent alone.

Learning how to let go of the past.

Finding out it doesn’t happen fast.

Loneliness and fear have held me back.

They’ve stayed ever close, giving no slack.

Now I break free from their limiting shell.

Finding my way forward from this hell.

Alone, I gather all the courage I’ll need.

Forward on my own, I’m finally freed.

Moving on to where I’ll finally let go.

Finding real hope in a better tomorrow.

Chasing the future, out here on my own.

Finding life’s reason, I go it alone.