For a long time I’ve been caught up in distracting myself from things in my life.  Mostly I let my mind wander to places I would rather be, or things I would rather be doing.

It has been healthy for me I’m sure.  Instead of concerning myself with thinking my way through life’s problems, I’ve ignored them completely until a time I was more ready to deal with them and figure out where to go next.  One of those problems for me has been relationships, specifically being afraid to be too involved with someone.  The only way to be ready for that again is to figure it out by jumping in head first.

I can no longer lose myself in the beauty of the trees.

No more denying a memory on account of the breeze.

No more can distraction hold me back.

It’s time I get my life back on track.

I can no longer get caught up in a beautiful sunset.

No more running from my past can I let.

No more hiding from the past and the pain.

It’s time I get on from living in vane.

I can no longer distract myself alongside the lake.

No more waiting to move on can I take.

No more distracting myself from what is real.

It’s time I get back to what I really feel.

No one ever moved on giving in to distraction.

They just ignored the truth in their rippled reflection.