For a long time I struggled with moving back and forth between recovered from and reliving my past.  I figured out quickly that until you’re all the way there, there is a fragile balance between heartbreak and recovery.

The place tucked between heartbreak and recovery.

Where you can be swayed either way by the slightest discovery.

A simple smile, enough to pull you through.

But a haunting memory can hold you back too.

It’s a bad situation this fragile state.

The past can still hit you like a train full of freight.

A simple thought can wrench on your heart.

Give it a moment too long and it tears you apart.

Flirting with the edge, you still climb the trail.

Hoping that you hold together, you’re not too frail.

A simple misstep puts you back in free fall.

To get anywhere here, it requires your all.

You feel you’ve shed the pasts heavy weight.

But you’re still stuck here in a fragile state.