When you come to terms with the past, move on past the heartbreak, life becomes an adventure once again.

After a journey of recovery, when you finally realize that you have it in you to move on to something new.  That’s when finding yourself again becomes the experience of a lifetime.  That’s when you start chasing that feeling, that makes life worth living again.

I’m chasing that moment again.

That second where I know I can.

My heart skips a beat right out of my chest.

Anxiety is put to a far more real test.

I’m after that feeling once more.

That emotion that cuts right through to the core.

My face just can’t hide my smile.

Reality brings my first happiness in a while.

I’m reaching for that sensation another time.

That feeling that’s worth every single dime.

My body quivers in sheer anticipation.

Nerves take hold of this desperate sensation.

I’ll be chasing that moment again and again.

Because if I find it or not, I know I can.