It’s a regular occurrence for me to come across something that is just out of reach.  Something I can’t quite afford, or something I’m not quite ready to do.

Sometimes it’s discouraging realizing that it’s not within my grasp, but most often it encourages me to work a little harder and to strive for the things that I’m almost able to get.

Don’t get stuck again in a distant stare.

Reach for it, you’re almost there.

It could be closer, but it’s not that far.

Just a little further from where you are.

Don’t stop now, it’s something you can get.

Reach for it, you can make it.

It’s right now just beyond your grasp.

Just a little further and it’s in your clasp.

Don’t give up, it’s yours to take.

Reach for it, the distance you can make.

It’s just out of reach, but in your court.

Just a little further, the distance is short.

Reach for it, you’re almost there you know.

Just a little further, not much left to go.