We live in a time where when we want something, we seem to be able to have it quicker and quicker all the time.  In many instances that improves our lives by saving us time, but in many instances it ruins other aspects of our lives by giving us this false sense that we can have anything whenever we want it.

A relationship is something that we can now get almost immediately that is ruined by this “have it now” world.  The reality of it is that there is a huge difference between a relationship that we’ve found overnight through online dating and compatibility tests, and a relationship that we’ve built with someone over time and found mutual interests and respect.

I’m learning to wait for what I wish for.

Learning it takes time to get to a distant shore.

I’ve come to know that patience is important.

What I really want can not just be present.

I’m realizing now that a little work is required.

Realizing that love isn’t always easily inspired.

I’ve come to learn that it can wait.

Whenever it comes, it’s never too late.

I’m finding out that it can be earned.

Finding that new things can be learned.

I’ve come to see that I’ll one day find.

Wherever I find it, I’ll be of the right mind.

I’m finding patience in my maturing age.

Finding patience, from which life I can gauge.