Every time a chance passes us by we typically regret not taking it, or regret the decision that we did make.  There comes the moment after, where we realize that moment was ours for the taking and it was worth taking.

If we had just realized it in the moment, we could have changed everything, but we just let it go instead.

A moment gone by that leaves you asking why?

Why, you wonder, you didn’t really try.

What happened in that moment that you let it pass by?

How is it you were left with this question of why?

Now it’s too late to ponder the past.

By letting the moment go, you finished in last.

Your loneliness now feels so incredibly vast.

Why, you still wonder, you let that moment go past.

Now its gone by you know it’s too late.

A moment like that just can’t wait.

Another chance in the future left only to fate.

Why, you now wonder, you realized it too late.

A moment gone by that you just can’t get back.

All you have left is to prepare for your next crack.