It’s like staring off into space. I’m in deep thought, focussed on something that consumes my world in this moment.

The problem is that feeling, that focus, is long past its moment, I’ve paid no mind to any other thought in weeks.  I’m completely consumed with this thought now, and I don’t care.  It makes me smile and laugh, it makes me feel good.

I’m completely consumed in a world of flame.

Suddenly immersed in a desperate game.

Chasing a goal I don’t know I believe in.

But something drives me toward it, from deep within.

I move constantly forward after this goal.

Focussed intently, it has my attention as a whole.

Driven after something I may not be ready to find.

But to that very thought I pay no mind.

I’m invested entirely in this relentless endeavour.

Magnetically pulled with unending vigour.

Pursuing a feeling without thought or fear.

But I can’t hold back, no matter the warnings I hear.

Completely, I’m consumed by this idea, this passion.

The very feeling I chase, I give without ration.