A wild-fire burns hot and out of control, free and fiery.  A wild-fire captures the attention of everyone around it.  So it makes plenty of sense that when you’re pulled into that fire, it never lets you go.

She burns wild and draws all attention.

Natures equivalent of the perfect invention.

She captures eyes from every place.

Pulling focus from every single face.

She glows bright and radiates beauty.

Giving her your heart seems an honoured duty.

She consumes all that enter her world.

Drawing you in, until in her flames you’re swirled.

She warms souls and captures hearts.

Revealing herself as where the world ends and starts.

She possesses minds when given a thought.

Reeling you in to her flames so hot.

She’s a glowing horizon, she’s a wild-fire.

Burning hot, she’s your every desire.