When finding love, there’s a lot of distraction.  A lot of people out there that have some aspects of what you’re looking for, but not the whole package.

My advice to you, and to myself is to never settle.  Don’t give up on that perfect person that you seek out, you can find them.

You can always give here and there a little.

But no matter where you give, never settle.

Know what you want and chase it down.

By giving up you’re just waiting to drown.

You can’t give up, you can’t give in.

No matter where you end up, the goal is to win.

Chase down something worth it, even if it’s a dream.

Keep going after it, moving ahead full steam.

You can’t ever settle, you know what you want.

No matter what the world around you seems to taunt.

Go after what you want like there’s no other option.

Don’t give in to any desperate interruption.

Never settle, no matter what the world gives you.

Find better, it’s out there, you know it’s true.