This is something I thought about a while ago, being that it has become much easier to meet people online instead of the good old-fashioned way.  How do you describe what you’re looking for when you’re finding the right person for you?  You don’t really, I determined, you describe the things you enjoy as someone else’s characteristics.

Single white male looking for love.

That someone special that fits like a glove.

A small town girl, who steals my attention.

But no matter what, makes me work for her affection.

Likes sports and nature and back country camping.

Loves rainy Sundays and hiking and weekend road tripping.

Keeps a good attitude and a smile on her face.

But will never be afraid to put me in my place.

Appreciates my immature jokes and sharing laughs.

Ready to unwind with me Friday with full wine carafes.

Will hold me through both the good and the bad.

But won’t push me to make up when I just want to be mad.

A beautiful female that makes my heart beat.

That’s who I’m after and can’t wait to meet.