Ever catch yourself staring off into space thinking about something?  I do nearly every day, and it’s always the same thing.  I think about what it would be like to really be in love.

Am I just a star-gazing fool?  Maybe, but it’s worth every second of thought I give it because it reminds me every day that I want to attain that feeling and how nice it would be to share that sensation with someone.

I can’t help but think I’m just a star-gazer.

The odds of finding love are like balancing on a razor.

A slim chance I stare at off in the distance.

But I could slip and lose it in this instance.

I hope that this twinkling light is really something.

There’s so much out there though, it could be nothing.

A disappearing shot clinging tightly on hope.

But I swear I see it there in my scope.

I see that glint of light out there in space.

The little shimmer there, that’s my place.

A small spot way out there in the night.

But I’m absolutely sure I should chase that light.

I may just be a star-gazer alone in the park.

But I see my light out there in the dark.