After a long time without a thought, sometimes that memory just comes creeping in again.  Those good things that make you wish it was still yesterday.  Those memories that make you wish you were still in love.

Back again, to where I was.

I get back here with every buzz.

Trying to forget, but there she is.

How did I get caught up like this?

Back again, to thoughts of her.

As if life in between was just a blur.

Memories so vivid, it’s like they were yesterday.

Why am I caught up on her in this way?

Back again, to wishing for another chance.

A glance, a laugh, maybe even a dance.

Wanting her so badly, my head starts to spin.

When did I let her so far in?

Back again, to the beginning of the heartbreak.

Right back again.  How much more can I take?