On a clear night you can see the stars shining in the night sky.  Every one has its own draw, its own brightness, but there’s always one that pulls your attention more than the others.

That one is your light, it’s the star you seek out every time the sky is clear in the night.  The same star that gives you your bearings no matter where you are in the world or in your life.

The things to see through this telescope.

Out there a whole sky full of hope.

In the night sky lies an inspiring sight.

A distant beacon out there in the night.

A simple star that shines on through.

Amongst all the rest I have her in view.

Through everything else, I focus on that light.

Despite all the others, to the left and right.

Keeping her in focus, I give her my attention.

Watching her from afar, with all my intention.

To me this star shines so bright.

Away I dare not deviate, even if it’s slight.

Her glow is my beacon out there in the night.

A distant pull, from a guiding light.