After all the hate and anger, after all the sadness, you’ll find it in you to love again.  It’s when you finally realize that your heart doesn’t actually break, it just hurts until you’re ready to start again.

You’re still in there, after all this hurt.

After the pain and being drug through the dirt.

Still in there, clinging to hope.

Dangling from what’s left of a frayed rope.

You hand in there, despite all the hate.

Despite all the anger, you trust in fate.

Hanging in there, hoping for a change.

Wishing now it will soon be in range.

You’re in there, even with all the sadness.

Even with all the tears, you push out the madness.

In there, holding on for me.

Gripping tight, until I can see.

You’re in there, my unbroken heart.

My unbroken heart, ready to again start.