I have heard my entire life that there’s one person out there for everyone.  It was my mom’s classic advice when it came to love.  Always appreciated, but the question always remained, ‘how do I know when I’ve found it?’

The problem that’s come to pass for me more recently is similar.  How will I know? Or more realistically, how do I know it hasn’t already walked right by and disappeared?

The more I think about it, the more I lean on the second question.  Was I so blind to it that she walked in and out of my life already?  If that’s the truth, it explains why I completely lose focus on reality sometimes and start dreaming of someone again.

There’s that smile on my mind again.

A reminder of what I saw back then.

All those memories wash back over me.

The moments, the places, everything I could see.

The spring you had in every step.

A beautiful girl, so full of pep.

Every moment come back to my mind.

Each second, each glance, they all serve to remind.

That brilliant attitude you held so well.

A bewitching woman, I was under your spell.

Infinite thoughts of you continue to possess.

On my mind, in my soul, you have me I confess.

Your memory creeps in again and again.

A constant reminder of what I saw back then.