There’s many things out there that cannot be compared to anything else.  Seeing mountains rising over the horizon as you drive towards them, a sunrise after a rainy night, or meeting the person you fall in love with at first sight.

They’re all things that have no real comparison in life and yet we always try to describe them with another incomparable experience.

To you, I have found nothing to compare.

Everything else lacks your certain flare.

Nothing else quite shares your radiance.

No light truly shines brighter than your brilliance.

There is nothing to compare to your perfection.

Everything else just tries to be a reflection.

Nothing else can capture a beauty so true.

No mirror can reflect a better you.

There is nothing to compare to you.

Everything else just won’t do.

Nothing else can even hold a candle.

No flame can quite get a handle.

To this day, I have found nothing to compare.

Nothing else has stopped me in such a dead stare.