Sometimes things pass us by, and before we realize what they were they’re long gone.  The realization always comes after, when you find yourself thinking about it.  When you can’t get that person off your mind months later, that’s when it hits you.

Then you find yourself being reminded of them by everything around you.  Places you’ve been just thinking of her, things you see that seem like something she would like, that song on the radio that touches your heart.

This song on the radio now.

It reminds me of you somehow.

In fact all of them really do.

Somehow they all make me think of you.

This young woman who smiles at me.

She reminds me of where I’d rather be.

Really no one can take your place.

I’d rather be seeing your face.

This drive on a cool damp morning.

It pulls me back to you without warning.

Trust me, everything else isn’t good enough.

No warning that not having you could be so rough.

It all reminds me of what I’ve missed.

The girl I still haven’t kissed.