Sometimes I’m left wishing a certain moment had already come and went.  A moment where I fall for someone, and know without a doubt I want to spend my life with them.

Sure I’ve fallen in love, but I can’t say I’ve ever really known for sure with anyone and at this point in my life I have started to wonder if I ever really will.  There’s no question, I’ll never give up on it, but the idea of settling down grows a little stronger every day.  I just can’t bring myself to do it if that feeling is still missing.

Still missing is that moment that I fall.

The moment I feel I finally have it all.

When the world around me seems to stand still.

Where the butterflies inside leave me almost ill.

Still missing is that hand I’ll forever hold.

The hand that is gentle, but makes me more bold.

A touch that can set my world aflame.

A hold that makes this wild side more tame.

Still missing is that beautiful inspiration.

The beautiful inspiration that has me in anticipation.

One person that lights my fuse.

The woman who is my creative muse.

Still missing is the love of my life.

That feeling now is a stabbing knife.