When you’re looking for love, all it takes is a start.  Enough of a push that you have something to build from.  Then you figure out where it’s going to go a little at a time.

The biggest concern with that is, what if you see something with someone, but you’re not sure if they do too?

I’m looking for something between me and you.

If I see it, I hope you do too.

Just enough emotion to give us a start.

I’m not asking for all of your heart.

Between me and you, a little is enough.

It’s just the getting started that’s a bit tough.

Give me a chance and we’ll find a way.

Between me and you, it could be good one day.

There is something between me and you now.

If it’s enough we can figure out how.

Show me a little and I’ll give you a lot.

There’s always a chance we can write our own plot.

Between me and you, there could really be something.

Give me that chance and I’ll give you everything.