What people see is often a matter of perspective.  Like seeing a well dressed person and assuming they have a good job and money, but that’s just our perception of them.  The reality may be completely different then what we perceive.

As a single man I’ve been asked by many people around me if I feel alone, or if I wish I had someone to come home to.  My response is always the same, ‘having someone to come home to would be nice, but I’m in no hurry to end up with someone who’s no good for me.’

People around me see a man alone.

A man with a heart encased in stone.

Unwilling to open it to anyone.

A bitter man, destined to be alone.

I know the truth of the matter though.

I’m not just another angry old crow.

Holding close my hearts great wealth.

Tending cautiously, maintaining its health.

Really, I’m just waiting you see.

Until the day true love finds me.

Then I’ll open up my heart and soul.

You’ll all see then I’m not an empty hole.

So really, I’m not alone at all.

Just waiting for my heart to fall.