When waiting on something for a long time the feeling of anticipation can change to worry and even fear.  The “what if’s” start popping into your head, and then you start to over think the moment.

That’s when worry and fear start to take over anticipation, and the moment that you’ve longed for, becomes a moment you’re not ready for.

I await this love in a desperate state.

Long now, that I have waited on fate.

Anticipation grows as the day must draw near.

Now though, I grapple with my own fear.

Awaiting this moment has made me weak.

In finding love I may be too meek.

Scared by an overwhelming feeling.

Worried that love will just send me reeling.

Desperately I hope that love comes soon.

But I cringe at the rise of that moon.

The moment itself I want more than anything.

The feeling though worries me more than everything.

Anticipating the moment has taken its toll on me.

But I still anticipate the moment my heart is set free.