Every single day that passes you are one day closer to the next great experience in your life. The next great love, the next breathtaking moment, the next memory that will last the rest of your life.

When it comes to getting to all of those things, we’re always counting down the days, just never sure exactly how many days are left.

In finding you, I’m one day closer.

Every day that passes is another one lesser.

So I count down the hours, the minutes, the seconds.

Until I’m one day fewer until love beckons.

Another day that passes without great event.

Is another day before you that must be spent.

So I take in every moment, experiencing life before you.

Finding the things I enjoy, to share with you too.

Each day, a day fewer, and we draw nearer.

Every moment I find what I look for a little clearer.

So I live and learn about what I desire.

Learning what it is in you that will surely inspire.

Today I’m less another day to finding you.

Less another day to giving my heart to you.