It takes a long time to work through the things that hold you back in life.  Those hard moments always weigh the heaviest on moving forward, but they are the experiences that can leave us feeling hope.  Hope that what lies ahead will be better.  Hope that the next chapter in our lives will be the point where everything turns around for us.

Hope is something I have in abundance.

Things can’t get worse than my previous dance.

It’s all uphill from here I think.

My past left behind me in a blink.

Better days await my upcoming arrival.

What’s behind me was just a challenge of survival.

Soon I will find a life that is always pleasing.

A far cry from when I was emotionally freezing.

Every day ahead will be better still.

What lies ahead for me is such a thrill.

I’ll experience feelings I’ve never felt.

My heart of ice, will surely melt.

Hope is what I feel now.

Hope of finding love somehow.