Every once in a while I have a day where I can’t find a song on the radio that doesn’t remind me of finding love.  Every song pulls me to thoughts of spending rainy Sundays curled up with her, dragging my butt to work after another late night not wanting to leave her alone, or just being in awe of how she looks every day.

There’s too many songs out there that remind me of these thoughts, but I love every single one of them.

I flip through the stations, but each one’s the same.

I get no vacations, they all sing your name.

Every spot on the dial, another song about you.

With every passing mile, I miss you more too.

I settle for one, a song of heartbreak.

I feel so alone, every verse I can’t take.

Every word a reminder, another song about you.

Someday I’ll find her, I draw closer to you.

I hear a lyric, one that draws tears.

I’m losing spirit, songs rattle my fears.

Every note strikes a chord, another song about you.

Driving along in this Ford, we’re both painted blue.

The radio plays once more, another song about you.

Words that even the score, now I miss you too.