It’s funny how learning certain things about yourself in your life can drastically affect your ability to wait on something.  As I’m getting older, maybe slightly more mature, I’m coming to find I have a lot of patience to wait on finding love.  To the point that I’m willing to spend my life alone over giving in to spending it with someone I know I’ll never feel the way I want to feel about the woman I spend my life with.

Never have I been a patient man.

After everything I’ve wanted I’ve just ran.

No stopping to wait, no waiting for better.

Just running blind, right down to the letter.

Now I’m becoming a patient man.

Everything in my life, part of a plan.

Thinking of what’s next, waiting on the best.

Finding that my patience can stand any test.

To find you I’ll always be a patient man.

Even if it means waiting my entire life’s span.

I’ll wait for the best, she’s worth every minute.

Life waiting on her, is next only to her in it.

I’ll be a patient man until the day that I die.

Once I meet you, no one will ever question why.