Every time the thought strikes me to start down the path to a new relationship I hope the same thing.

I hope first off that there is passion, nervousness and anxiety, and I hope that those feelings just get a little stronger every day.  If any of those feelings fade, I hope they’re replaced with other feelings that are just as dangerous, like love, excitement, fear and worry.

This time around I’ll find something real.

A woman who really makes me feel.

An attachment so strong I won’t let go.

A love that makes me want to take it slow.

This time around I’ll go all in.

Find the one that makes my head spin.

An obsession so wild she owns my heart.

A feeling so complete it can tear me apart.

This time around I’ll hold out for you.

A beautiful partner that gives me a feeling so true.

An amazement that stands out from the crowd.

An emotion that every day grows a little more loud.

This time around I’ll find that one that’s perfect.

The one that without, my life feels wrecked.