Some days I wish finding love in life were a little easier.  Even just signs along the way that indicate whether we’re on the right track to find what we’re looking for would be enough.

The difficulty of it is not the not knowing though, really more than anything, the difficulty is in the waiting when we know that it’s the only thing we seek to fill out and enrich our lives.

I often wonder what will come next.

A well written plan would give me context.

Something to give me a chance to prepare.

A clue so our life doesn’t just go nowhere.

I would take even a slight hint or two.

A bread crumb trail leading to you.

Something to guide me on my way.

A marker so from the right direction I don’t stray.

I wouldn’t mind a well oiled plan.

A detailed itinerary of how to be your man.

Something that points me in the right direction.

A guide to how to give you perfection.

I want a map that leads to your heart.

A direct path from wherever I start.