When a moment passes us by we often wonder about it.  That moment may haunt us for a little while, but it usually passes in time.

A moment though, is all it takes to change a life forever, and the right moment doesn’t always come at the right time.  When you realize that the moment didn’t come when you had a chance to change everything, that’s a feeling that can haunt you forever.

It should have been her, I gave my heart.

That I didn’t, is tearing me apart.

I just let her walk away.

Now I think about her every day.

It should have been her, I gave my soul.

That I didn’t, has left this massive hole.

I just watched her as she went.

Never showing her my true intent.

It should have been her, I gave my all.

That I didn’t, has my life in a stall.

I just let her slip through my fingers.

Now her presence continually lingers.

It should have been her, I knew back then.

That it isn’t, leaves me asking when?