Any man who’s ever tried to find real love has come across one, a woman who breaks every heart in her path.  Most likely she’s doing it unintentionally, but she seems to be everything right that you’ve ever looked for, and then she walks away leaving you thinking about what could have been.

A touch of her hand can melt a man.

A look at her can ruin any plan.

A word from her can possess a mind.

She can make you, to any other blind.

A moment with her can draw you in.

A glimpse of her will make you grin.

A thought of her is heartaches cause.

She can make the world around you pause.

A memory of her will make you ache.

Alone with her you can do nothing but shake.

Apart from her you’re a man possessed.

She can make you become a man obsessed.

A hearts assassin, that woman has become.

She breaks them all and will save only one.