When I close my eyes it’s a different world.  The things I love are always there, always within reach.

Reality is a bitter awakening sometimes because of this.  Not having her here, not being able to touch her or kiss her.  It’s a constant reminder of where I’d rather be, and the opportunities I missed.

In my dreams she comes to me.

If I could stay in dream I’d always see.

Such a beautiful vision she is always.

To see her, I find myself in bed for days.

In my head she’s always there.

With my eyes closed she holds my stare.

Such a heavenly sight within my mind.

I close my eyes and it’s her I find.

In my thought she’s always present.

Within my dreams I know where she went.

Such a perfect view when I’m in dream.

She is ever-present there it would seem.

In my dreams we’re together in verse.

Real life without her is my curse.