When you’re with someone who consumes your every thought, time is meaningless.  There’s no thought of your time together ending, just hopes that it continues without end.

Meeting someone like that is the pinnacle of existence, the moment where you feel that nothing else could possibly be more important and time has no bearing any longer.

After hours of you, I still want more.

No matter how long, I know what’s in store.

More falling in love, more holding you tight.

The way this is going it could last all night.

After hours of you on my mind.

No thought of you that I can’t find.

Thoughts of your touch, thoughts of your kiss.

Where my head’s at, is just pure bliss.

After hours of you, I don’t want this to end.

No amount of time will cause this thought to bend.

Love for you is completely endless.

The way I see it, I want nothing less.

I wish for more time with you after hours.

More time where our desire devours.