Love is some scary stuff.  You can fall so far in and have it all upended on you in mere moments, but everyone still searches it out.

No matter how scary it is, or how much hurt it may cause, it’s worth every moment you have it.

It’s out of control, the stuff of dreams.

It’s paradise lost, with perfection it teems.

A perfect oasis in every aspect.

The place body, mind, heart and soul all intersect.

It pulls you in and tears you apart.

It’s a crumbled wreck and a priceless work of art.

A plane crash in the gardens of Babylon.

The place where every part of you knows you belong.

It’s a ferocious storm, on a sunny afternoon.

It’s a secret held in some ancient rune.

A piece of history remembered, but forgot.

The place we all know, but will never get caught.

It’s this temptingly dangerous  love thing.

That makes us want everything, and yet we know nothing.