Once you’ve felt it no other emotion compares.  Nothing can replace that heart racing feeling, that anxious need to see someone, that feeling of knowing that you would do anything.

When it’s lost the only hope is that love returns to you.  Whether that be in the form of another, or the return of the one you fell in love with is hard to say.

For some time now I’ve searched for another.

But when it comes to you there is no other.

No one the same, no one who compares.

Not another whom I would give my life for theirs.

I always expected this inevitable end.

No other for my heart can contend.

It was lost in the past to only you.

For another to take it would make me untrue.

My heart was meant for only one.

If not you, then there will be none.

I’ll keep my love to myself alone.

To all others I’ll have a heart of stone.

Until the day comes you return to me.

My stoic existence is what all will see.