It amazes me sometimes how just one thought can change everything going on in your world.

No matter how bad things seem to be, if you remember why you’re there, the good moments that led you to do some of the things you’ve done or inspired you to try something different.  Those are the moments that shine through when things are at their very worst.

Just this one memory will always get me through.

There’s nothing I can’t do, when right there, I’m with you.

Even with all the pain and hurt in this world.

With this one thought, anything can be cured.

There to save me from wherever you are.

This memory can get here no matter how far.

Still here to save me when you’re thousands of miles away.

Right here to get me through my toughest day.

You appear from nowhere when I need you most.

In that moment where without a saviour I’d be toast.

Flowing into my head in an invigorating breeze.

Gently putting my mind back at ease.

One memory of you, all I’ll ever need.

That moment of love, enough for a mind to be freed.