In a moment your whole world can change with just one look.  One look at the one you’ve searched for as long as you’ve wanted love in your life.  That view, that sudden change in your outlook, that is all it takes to change the rest of your life.

For just a moment, I had a view of a chance.

A chance that just maybe I could start a new dance.

A dance with the girl who would steal my heart.

My heart finding a look at a real fresh start.

For just a moment, I imagined the fresh start.

The start with the one from which I cannot be apart.

Apart from her, we’ll just long to be together.

Together we’ll know there’s nothing we can’t weather.

For all time, we’ll know we can weather any storm.

Any storm or any demon, no matter its form.

Our bond will form stronger to get us through.

Through anything we’ll find love, I see it in this view.

That distant view guides me to the one that’s true.

Just a view of a chance that will lead me to you.