I sometimes imagine that when I meet the woman I’ll spend my life with, I’ll turn into this drooling fool with no idea what to say or do.

It’s an interesting way to look at it from my perspective.  I’m already sure true love will drastically affect my life, so stumbling into it unprepared would be foolish, but that’s exactly how you find it.  Love is sought out over land and sea, it’s not planned out and prepared for, it’s stumbled into in a ridiculous mess.

I can see you standing right here.

And I could swear it’s your voice I hear.

But this must be just my imagination.

Finding you here can’t be in my equation.

Yet here you stand.

Ruining all that’s planned.

A vision who could break any man alive.

The beauty of which great legends thrive.

This must be a dream, you cannot be real.

My heart may not be ready for you to steal.

Still you’re here in front of me.

You have me frozen here, I know you see.

It’s your move now, I’m completely helpless.

I cannot resist you, I know it’s useless.