When an artist is at work I often wonder what they are creating, what beauty looms in that piece of art that is yet to be revealed.  That idea captures my attention and my mind churns with the potential of the beauty that can be revealed.

I think about the creations that are constantly being formed and perfected just like a person should constantly work towards change, and love should always build, some pieces of art are shaped and altered and improved with time and weather.

Each brush stroke reveals more of your creation.

Every colour paints another new sensation.

A simple pause draws out more emotion.

You paint with such complete devotion.

Each curve highlights a beautiful section.

Every line leads to another piece of perfection.

A tiny dot draws in more attention.

Your work deserves every praising mention.

Each piece crafted with every intention.

Every part a design of your own invention.

A minute detail in it triggers elation.

You masterpiece deserving of a standing ovation.

Each detail of this canvas mirrors your passion.

Every feature of me forged in this fashion.