If there’s one thing I know I want more than anything in love, it’s the feeling of being in awe of someone even when they feel like they’re not their best.

Nothing is cuter then someone who is cute when they’re mad and nothing draws my attention like a woman who looks amazing when she’s just trying to hide under a baseball cap and an old sweatshirt.  When you can find that, you know you’ll fall in love with her over and over again.

There she is, with her hair all a mess.

She’s at her best I must confess.

Disheveled and fuming, she’s beautiful still.

She feels her worst, I still bend to her will.

There she is, relaxed in her chair.

Wrapping me around her finger, just like her hair.

Comfy and cozy, she’s still got it all.

She’s just relaxed, and I’m still going to fall.

There she is, cooking up a storm.

Just being herself, and my blood starts to warm.

Stirring and tasting, she draws my gaze.

She could burn everything, I’d eat it in a daze.

There she is, still stealing my heart.

For years and years, right from the start.