Do you ever question the direction your life seems to be taking?  I know I sometimes do.  I wonder what stands between me and what I want from life.  Sometimes I even wonder why certain things are taking so long to come into my life.

Ultimately I know one important thing that can get me through the wait.  Whatever is meant to be will be, you just have to give it a chance and let it happen.

What was I made to be?

A man meant to run wild and free?

Will I ever love or settle down.

Or just run amuck all over town?

Whatever it is I’m made to be.

It’s uncertain yet, but I’m sure I’ll see.

I’ll figure it all out as I go.

Or I’ll crash and burn with my past in tow.

What the future holds I’m made to see.

Strong enough to find what’s meant to be.

The trials of life won’t stand in the way.

Or if they do, I’ll overcome them someday.

In the end I’ll find what’s made to be.

Whatever I find, it’s made for me.