If there’s a hole that needs to be filled, the best thing you can do is fill it right?

I don’t know if that’s the way to look at it in life.  To me the hole grows larger every time I look for a piece I can fit in.  Only the right piece will fit, and the space it needs will sit empty until the right piece is found.

That’s why it’s impossible to just love anyone, they need to fit.  Life’s a big puzzle and the more pieces we fit into place the harder it is to find the other pieces that fit.

Slowly, I piece life’s puzzle together.

Every piece to another it will tether.

I work every piece into its spot.

Only to realize that it’s all for not.

One piece sits alone, with no place to fit.

An empty space takes shape where it should sit.

The piece that has no place, shaped like a heart.

With no pieces that fit with it, it sits apart.

These missing pieces make this puzzle incomplete.

An empty hole in the middle so the ends can’t meet.

I search for the pieces everywhere I go.

Looking in every place, high or low.

This unfinished feeling looms every day.

To finish life’s puzzle, I must find a way.