The presence of a spirit or a poltergeist, or a good ghost story; They are meant to frighten you and test your resolve against the supernatural.  No different then the ghosts of love lost, just meant to be scary instead of just keeping you awake in the night.  Happy Halloween!

Footsteps in the hall hold me awake.

The concern it causes, more than I can take.

Drawing closer until I feel you near.

I can’t roll over out of sheer fear.

The presence of your ghost is what I feel.

Coming in the night, it’s sleep you steal.

Fearing you standing next to me.

I refuse to move, afraid to see.

Your presence looms with a crushing weight.

To be haunted by you has become my fate.

Scaring me from any hope of rest.

I am finding my sanity failing this test.

This ghost watches over me, a spirit so haunting.

Just the fear of your presence is daunting.