The thought of a new beginning leaves me thinking about what the future may hold, but at the same time terrifies me.  Starting fresh is something I have done a few times in my life, each time has been a little easier than the last, but each one has been equally scary going in.

The biggest fear of starting over is not knowing where to start.  When it comes to meeting someone new, that’s the scariest problem to face.  Say or do the wrong thing and it’s over, don’t say or do the right thing and you’re in the same boat.  Usually that leaves me watching, waiting, and trying to learn what works best.

At a loss for words in your presence.

As if you here has made me lose all sense.

A shade of myself with you standing here.

Something about you has me trembling in fear.

At a loss for what to do in this moment.

As if your presence caused thought to be spent.

A dumbfounded man in front of you.

Something about you has left me with no clue.

At a loss for my next move.

As if you here means I have something to prove.

A shaky boy hoping for strength of will.

Something about you causing my world to stand still.

At a loss for feeling, except in my heart.

Something about meeting you has caused life to restart.